International Student Tuition & Fees

The Academy accepts most of our international students through organizations such as EduBoston, PAX (Program for Academic Exchange), and AIEP (Apex International Education Partners). The international students accepted to The Academy through these organizations are subject to the individual agreements The Academy has with each of those organizations.

International students who apply to us directly (not through an organization) will incur the following costs:

$28,500: Current international high school tuition and fees for 2018-19

$8,000: ESOL fee/yr*


$28,500: TOTAL

$36,500: TOTAL (including ESOL service)

*ESOL service optional, but required for students whose TOEFL scores are below 95.

Tuition and fees include school transportation, participation in all field trips, most sports, class trips, as well as other program expenses including textbooks (on loan for the year). The fee also includes preparing the I-20 visa paperwork for the F1-visa, program activities/trips for international students, and family contributions to The Academy’s Annual Fund. The International Student Fee does not include any expenses related to ESOL, or to procuring the required American health insurance, any passport or visa expenses. All of these are solely the responsibility of the applicant. There may also be additional costs for certain programs such as Model U.N., skiing, kayaking, school lunch, and optional trips that are invoiced as they occur.

A host family stipend to cover room and board is separate and required based on agency’s policies.

All tuition and fees are payable in full by August 1 prior to the beginning of the school year.

For further information, please contact Sabine Mauri, International Student Coordinator.