Records Needed from Private International Inquiries

The Academy's TOEFL code # is 5806

If you come through one of the exchange organizations we work with, you will fill out their application materials and go through their typical selection and placement process. In addition, you will agree to schedule a Skype interview with a staff member of The Academy, provide your TOEFL scores (our code # is 5806) and submit any other materials for proper placement as needed (for example a recently graded math test to identify the right math level for you).

If you are inquiring privately, please provide the following information and documents for a complete application:

1.  A standard application packet of forms downloadable here.

This includes the following items:

  • Request for Release of Records if applicant attended an American school previously, (form is downloadable from our school website) 
  • Teacher recommendations from your current or at least recent English and Math Teachers
  • Academic Transcript or recent report cards with grades and grading system explained 
  • Student Essay: Why do you think the Academy is a good place for you? What do you wish to get out of an Academy education? What can you contribute to our community? Describe your personality, your preferred activities and personal interests, your favorite school subjects, your family.
  • Parent Essay: (content can also be ascertained in Skype interview) What are your hopes for your child when sending him/her to The Academy? Which strengths does your child have that make it likely for him/her to succeed in this endeavor? In which ways will your child need our support in order to succeed at The Academy in his/her goals?

In addition, international applicants are required to provide the following:

2.  Our Extended Personal Information Sheet for International Applicants

3.  Skype interview of applicant with Academy personnel if a campus visit is not possible

4.  Proof of good health (medical exam) in English

5.  International Student Behavior Agreement signed by student and his natural family/guardian

6.  Application Fee of US $100 (money order or personal check)

7. Proof of American health insurance for the academic year

8.  Proof of sufficient English skills: your most recent TOEFL scores – Our code # is 5806

Minimum TOEFL score requirement: 80

Upon enrollment: automatic placement into ESL course (ending date at the discretion of The Academy)

ESOL course incurs and additional fee of $8,000.00/yr.

9.  Copy of main passport page which clearly identifies the applicant’s name, birthdate, citizenship and expiration date of document

10.  Host family preferences: How do you feel about the presence/absence of children/pets in your host family? Do you have any dietary needs?

11.  Authorization forms for local guardian in the US. Academy personnel and Host Family will assume temporary guardianship.

For further information and to obtain the forms indicated above, please contact our admissions office.