Our Lunch Program

The Honey Bear Hut, our kitchen, initially housed a complete food service program begun by an enterprising founding student and named for his family dog (“Honey Bear”). The HBH was then managed for many years by a state-certified professional chef, and staffed by teams of volunteer students and teachers. The HBH is now the happy home of Willow Tree Food who provides exciting food choices for Academy families. The goal is to provide healthy, nutritious, appealing, locally sourced (where possible) meals, with low environmental impact.

As has historically been the case,  Academy student groups will continue to take responsibility for cleaning the kitchen and Common Room afterwards, preserving the familial feel of the lunch hour.  Student groups are able to raise funds for their activities or charities that match their interests via the sale of homemade desserts. Whenever possible during scheduled and traditional school-prepared meals (such as our annual Polyglot dinner and the Roman Festival), The Academy chooses local vendors, farms, and orchards for the ingredients. Students raise some of the vegetables and greens served in the HBH in raised beds on our campus.

Menus items may change according to availability and price fluctuation. Please see our monthly menu for food selections. Weekly menus are posted on Thursday or Friday and ordering closes on the following Wednesday. Students may also order lunch the day of on a first come, first serve basis by checking in with Mr. Langston before 9:00 AM. Families can also place longer term orders by printing, completing, and submitting this form to the Business Office.