Honor Code

The community of The Academy at Charlemont, in order to make known the standards to which all community members subscribe, has established this honor code. It is the obligation of all community members to uphold these standards. Should a member not do so, it is the obligation of that member to report this to the proper authorities. Should a member have knowledge of any other infraction, it is the moral obligation of that member to report this to the proper authorities. A program developed by the community will be offered to assure that each member of the community is aware of and concerned about the honor code.

Article I

The community recognizes the necessity for all members to respect and not disrupt the activities of other members. Emotionally or physically harmful remarks or actions towards others, their identities, possessions or beliefs are unacceptable. All members should be conscious of the effect on others of their behavior, both intentional and unintentional.

Article II

No community member shall give or receive unauthorized aid on exams, quizzes, essays, competitions or any other work so designated by the course instructor or event supervisor. Authorization shall be given only by the course instructor or event supervisor. It is the obligation of any community member to inform a person who is allegedly guilty of giving or receiving unauthorized aid of this alleged violation or to report this infraction to the proper authorities if the community member has such knowledge.

Article III

Theft is the removal of someone’s personal property by another without permission. Theft is unacceptable to the community. No community member, other than the administration, with due cause, has the right to search, remove, or use another’s personal property.

Article IV

In order to maintain a harmonious community it is necessary for all members to have respect, not only for others, but also for the community as a whole. Included is respect for community property, equipment, and rules. All members of this community must subscribe to any standard set by the community as well as those described in this Honor Code. 

Created in 1985. Re-ratified by the entire community in 2017. Edited for greater emphasis on respect and inclusivity in 2021.