Academy Senior Sam Z-A Creates EP

For Sam Z-A’s senior project he created an EP of five original songs. It’s a mix of music inspired by Hip Hop and Smooth Jazz, and he is deeply grateful to his project advisor, Music Director Scott Hoffman for his support, including in the areas of production, mixing, mastering, etc. click here for a list of others whose assistance was invaluable.

You can listen to the songs HERE, and you can read the lyrics while you listen, at Sam’s GENIUS ACCOUNTHe says that the great thing about is that artists can annotate their lyrics so that others can click on the words and see what the artist means by each line, so please be sure to do that.  Sam also notes that the Bandcamp site is a service where artists can upload their music for free and their fans can purchase it. His EP is for sale, so name your price but if you so choose you may have it for free! However all donations are welcome and proceeds will go toward tuning the piano in the school’s recording studio – and maybe even a dehumidifier to help it stay in tune. Sam hopes you enjoy his music! When the last song ends keep listening because the skit at the end of the song YGR continues…