2020 Summer Programs

From painting to 3D printing, to Ultimate Frisbee to making marble mazes or music, we’ve got something for every student seeking summer activity!

Summer Programs at The Academy at Charlemont

Date Program and Description Grades Price
June 29 – July 3, 9 AM-3 PM Arts/Crafts
This week we will look at how animals have influenced artwork through the ages as well as create our own imaginative artwork using animals as models and inspiration. Through painting, drawing, sculpting, and sewing, we will make our own unicorn tapestries, sock monkeys, pet portraits, and much more!
3rd-6th $250/wk
July 6-10, 8:30 AM-11:30 AM Maker’s Camp
Join Will Miller, math and science teacher at the Academy at Charlemont as he hosts a Maker Camp for aspiring tinkerers, makers, and designers. Fusion 360 CAD, 3D printing, basic product design, and shop skills will be developed over the course of the week as students pursue fun challenges or create their own projects from scratch.
Sample projects:

  • Direct 3D printing of flexible embossed designs on clothing
  • Design and print a flying disc or paper airplane accessory
  • Design and print Lego compatible accessories
  • Build and test a wind turbine to generate electricity
  • Design and build a solar-powered toy race car
  • Build a marble maze or Rube Goldberg device from scratch
  • Turn a photo into a 3D-printed transparent lithophane keepsake
  • Print custom game components for your own tabletop game project
  • Learn and design Turing Tumble programs on a marble-powered computer

The possibilities are endless!

7th-12th $200/wk
July 6-10, 12:30 PM-3:30 PM Ultimate Frisbee
Join Will Miller, Academy Ultimate Coach, for a week of Ultimate camp. Participants will get to hone their skills and learn new games as part of this week of inclusive learning that aligns with the spirit of the game!
7th-12th $200/wk
August 3-7, 9 AM – 12 PM Music Camp 8th-12th $200/wk
Aug 17-21, 9AM-3PM Arts and Crafts
For students who want to work on improving their skills or simply want to delve deeper into the techniques of shading, perspective, and color theory, through a variety of fun mediums, including painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Whether you are looking to build a college portfolio or simply want to spend time creating, this will be a fun and productive experience.
7th-12th $250/wk

Please email John Schatz for more details or with questions.