Visual and Fine Arts

All students in grades 6-9 take studio art classes that hone their drawing, design, painting, and sculpting skills. The school’s two art studios are open and available to students even when they are not in a scheduled class. Upper School students who wish to continue studying painting, ceramics, sculpture, metalworking, jewelry making, or other studio arts do so in very small classes designed to support the individual’s growth. Students work independently much of the time. Photography courses are available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Several Academy alumni/ae are now professional visual artists working as sculptors, photographers, or gallery owners.

Academy students regularly visit local museums and galleries as part of their coursework in the humanities or studio arts.

Our twice-weekly studio blocks program affords all students the time and space to work in a variety of art mediums alongside professional artists from the local area. A sampling of visual and fine arts offerings include: Ceramics, Painting & Drawing, Basket Weaving, Rug Braiding, Jewelry Making, Film Studies, and Creative Writing.