Pumpkin Carving, Harvest Lunch by Jack-o-Lantern Light

Pumpkin Carving 2018 4Friday, October 26 has been a busy day at The Academy. In addition to pumpkin carving, the Cupcake Challenge (more to come), and getting ready for the Halloween dance (more on that later, too), faculty and students worked hard to plan and then prepare today’s delicious Harvest Lunch, which was enjoyed in a darkened Common Room by the light of Jack-o-Lanterns. Big thanks to all for preparing a menu from our own garden. The menu included winter squash soup, curried beet and daikon greens with spinach and garbanzos, savory herbed carrot and sunchoke gaufres, roasted vegetable medley, and fresh daikon pickle. Delicious!


Harvest Lunch 1Harvest Lunch 2Jack O Lanterns 4