Give, and You Shall Receive

In many ways, The Academy has the look and feel of a ma-and-pa business: we know everyone by name, we strive for comfort in our building more than polish, and we still see the children we serve as the most important consideration in every decision. We have been described as “homey” and “gritty,” and I believe both were meant as compliments.


That being said, we have 35 years of successful operation behind us, so although we may come across as homey, we are not a start-up operation, which is good. We have figured out how to align rigorous education and personal attention. One thing that has waned a bit over the years, however, is the belief that volunteers are an integral part of The Academy community. If you believe that we have evolved beyond that needs, allow me to disabuse you of it.


Our staff are trained and experienced professionals, but there is more to a school than just that. We seek a diversity of perspectives and experiences, needed even more due to our small size. We love new ideas and fresh energy. We strive to provide your children with small school experience, but not a small experience, which means that we need to offer opportunities in classes, studio blocks, field trips, athletics, clubs, travel, and speakers which bring a larger world to them. For all of that, we need YOU. Our cohort of professional educators works hard, but volunteers we can leverage a virtual ARMY of ideas and help to create an even more robust experience for your children.


So please consider volunteering your time. Both The Academy itself and the Academy Parents Council seek your support. Volunteering will make a positive impact on your child’s experience, and it will remind us all that by giving of our time to something greater than ourselves, we feel the dividends tenfold.


Dr. Brian Bloomfield
Head of School, Academy at Charlemont