Academy Athletics Highlights, September 2015


Girls Varsity Soccer vs Hartsbrook.

WIN  2-1

HIGHLIGLHTS:  Ilaria DesLesdernier  (Greenfield) scored the game winning goal late in the second half.  Leah Finn-Erb (Northampton) played excellently and also scored for AAC. Enid Gallaghar (Rowe) led the team defensively.



Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs Eagle Hill

LOSS  0-2

HIGHLIGHTS:  A hard fought game in which our team didn’t have any subs and was missing our normal goalie. Solly Chase (Williamsburg) really stepped up into a leadership position in central defense. Raymond Mossman (Charlemont) frustrated the other team with his speed.



Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs Pinecobble School

WIN 4-2

HIGHLIGHTS:  Nat Boyd Owens (Shelburne Falls) and Tucker Zakon Anderson (Conway) showed good vision while attacking.



Girl’s Varsity Soccer vs Eagle Hill

WIN  4-0

HIGHLIGHTS:  Leah Finn-Erb (Northampton) had 2 goals, Ilaria DeLesdernier (Greenfield) scored with an assist from Ella Deters (Shelburne Falls), and Enid Gallaghar (Rowe) put in a free kick.  Lilah Feitner (Cummington) had a shutout and 6 saves in her first game in goal.



Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs Eaglebrook School

WIN  3-0

HIGHLIGHTS:  Raymond Mossman (Charlemont) scored twice and our defense was strong.


Date: 09/29/2015

Girls Junior Varsity Soccer vs Berkshire Country Day School

WIN  4-0

HIGHLIGHTS:  Ella Deters (Shelburne Falls) 3 goals, 1 assisted by Saraphina Forman (Northampton); Lila Goleman (Conway)1 goal



Cross Country Meet

Girls:  Cassandra Bigelow of Colrain (5th), Elena Luo of Greenfield and China (14th)

Boys:  Third Place Overall

Alan Gabriel, Ashfield (2nd), Patrick Osborne, Northampton (6th), Casey Walsh Warder, Shelburne Falls (7th), Ben Michalak, Hadley (16th), Eli Catanzaro, Goshen (25th), Zev Lane, Northampton (26th), Riley Brown, Hadley (27th), Rob Calafell, Conway (28th), Julian Keins, Amherst (29th)



Boys Varsity Soccer vs Buxton School

WIN  9-2

HIGHLIGHTS:  Noah Rosner (Shelburne Falls) 1 assist, 4 goals, 2 assisted by Nat Boyd Owens (Shelburne Falls);
Aiden Brenizer (Colrain) 3 goals, 1 assisted by Jon Porracchia (Charlemont and France); Nat Boyd-Owens 2 assists, 1 goal assisted by Noah Rosner; Winston Posner, goalie (Amherst) 5 stops; Kyle Nitzsche, goalie (Deerfield) 6 stops.
Outstanding Offensive Efforts:  Sam Zakon-Anderson (Conway), Tucker Boyd (Wilmington, VT), Matt Plager (Greenfield)
Outstanding Defensive Efforts:
Nils Donohue-Meyer (Buckland and Ashfield), Tucker Boyd, Jaromil Topolski (Shelburne), Ben Schocket-Greene (Northampton), Henry Walker-West (Shelburne Falls)