Community Service Day

On Tuesday, 5/2, Valley Gives Day in our region, Academy students, faculty and staff members gave a full day of service to our neighbors from Brattleboro to Charlemont, and from Greenfield to Shelburne Falls.
Academy teams planted at the I.N.S.P.i.R.E. School for Autism in Brattleboro (founded by the family of Mark Vranos ’16), helped clear trails, catalog books, and document old letters in Charlemont, worked in Greenfield at the Energy Park, the Green River Recreation Area, and Green River Park, worked to get ready for spring and summer at the Bridge of Flowers and the Buckland Rec, and – through the Shelburne Senior Center- assisted Shelburne Falls seniors with spring yard clean up.
Everyone worked hard and felt good about their efforts, and the individuals and organizations we helped expressed both gratitude for our time and energy and admiration for the work ethic of all those involved.
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