Class Trips: Recap

7th Grade – An exploration of the surrounding Deerfield River and Connecticut River Watershed area. Students enjoying nature, fixing a problem with a basketball in the Connecticut River, and visiting the fishlift at the Robert E. Barrett fishway in Holyoke.

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8th Grade – New England history through the lense of maritime history in Mystic, CT and environs. 8th graders explore the Mystic Seaport, visit a warehouse of over 200,000 costumes, and take in the Mystic Aquarium.

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9th Grade – A study of history, biology, and marine ecology on Nantucket Island. 9th grade students set off on bikes for a ride to the cranberry bogs, make flotsam and jetsam sculptures, and help build and fill raised beds, dig fence post holes, and prepare the Maria Mitchell Association‘s garden, where100% of the harvest will be donated to the island’s food pantry.

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10th Grade – An exploration of New York City including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, United Nations, the 9/11 Memorial, Chinatown and much more. 

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11th Grade – An exploration of Washington DC including the African-American History Museum, the Supreme Court, Politico offices, the National Gallery, National Zoo, and much more. 

11th graders visit the Politico offices, view a rainbow over the Jefferson Memorial and ride the carousel at the National Mall.
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12th Grade – An exploration of Martha’s Vineyard. 12th graders enjoy a ferry ride, create crab shell mandalas at Menemsha Beach, and pose for a class photo at Aquinnah.

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