Announcement: New Faculty Members Hired

Dear Academy Colleagues, Trustees, Families, and Students,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the hiring of new faculty members who will join our Academy family next year. The process of meeting, interviewing, and vetting the candidates has been a wonderful one which involved current and rising administrators, current faculty, and students. These new faculty members will bring their own vibrancy to our small school, and have been attracted to The Academy by our rigorous and balanced academics, our commitment to the visual and performing arts, and our strong community.

Elizabeth Falco will be joining us as a Humanities teacher. Ms. Falco comes to us via Greenfield High School where she taught English. She is a graduate of the Williston Northampton School and earned her B.A., in English from the University of Denver and her M. Ed. From the University of Massachusetts.  Ms. Falco has also taught in the Boston public school district and has worked as a journalist for several newspapers and websites. Her passion for history and journalism will find a welcome home at The Academy.

Sarah Goodreault will join the Math faculty.  Ms. Goodreault comes to The Academy from Hampden Charter School of Science in Chicopee. She earned her B.S. in Mathematics as well as her M. Ed. From the University of New Hampshire, and has taught math in several schools in that state.  Ms. Goodreault worked as a residential advisor for UNH Upward Bound and has interests in a capella and outdoor sports.

Andrae Green will become our permanent Art teacher.  Mr. Green has worked at The Academy for the last two years as a Studio Block teacher and took over as Art teacher this past semester on an interim basis. He is a highly accomplished artist in his own right (see the last issue of Vox for an article about his career and achievements), and his acclimation to teaching full-time at The Academy has opened doors for his students. Originally from Jamaica, Mr. Green attended the Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston, and earned his M.F.A. at the New York Academy of Art in New York City.

Jamison Isler will also join the Humanities faculty.  Mr. Isler comes to The Academy from Amherst Regional Middle School where he has taught 7th and 8th grade English for the past 10 years. Before that he had several postings as a teacher of English in middle and high schools in Georgia and Oregon. He has a B.A. in African and African-American Studies from Emory University and earned his M.Ed. in English from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Mr. Isler also participated in the highly regarded Western Massachusetts Writing Project Summer Institute.

Donald Young will become our teacher of Latin. Mr. Young has been working at the Springfield Renaissance School, and has recently completed an M.A.T in Latin and Classical Humanities at the University of Massachusetts.  He earned his B.A. at Xavier University. He is a proficient speaker of Latin who believes in an integrated interdisciplinary approach to study of the classical world.

These talented new teachers look forward to becoming part of our community and working with our students.  We are delighted to welcome them to The Academy.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Dr. Brian D. Bloomfield
Head of School