2016 Brown University Summer Leadership Institute

Michaela Lindsey will join students from all over the world to study women’s issues and learn how gender impacts women’s ability to lead in a male-dominated society. As part of this focus, she’ll be deeply engaged in learning how to be most effective as a leader.

Throughout her high school career, many of Michaela’s papers and projects have revolved around women’s issues, including intersectional feminism, rape culture, and reproductive healthcare. She has also been active in the theatre and music programs at The Academy since 7th grade, playing lead roles in annual drama productions and singing with numerous groups. Of her selection, she says, “because society denies me and young women everywhere certain privileges solely because of our gender, I feel especially privileged to be able to attend this program and am anxious to discover a million new things about myself as a person and as a leader.” She aims to develop a plan for her senior project, a research project culminating in her teaching sexual health in the Pioneer Valley.

Kudos to Michaela!