Sports Recap, Week of April 15

maroon aardvark.fwOn Tuesday, the Academy varsity Ultimate squad traveled to the Dublin School, rallied back from a three-point deficit near the end of the game, but eventually lost 9-8 on a Universe Point (sudden death) after time ran out. It was a great team effort against a disciplined and well-coached Dublin group. Nat B-O scored three times and Tucker Z-A had three assists. Both Calla J and Solly C were tenacious markers on defense, and Elaina G B made a difficult catch for a goal on offense. The Aardvarks exhibited a good deal of resilience in grit in this exciting contest.

On Wednesday, the middle school Ultimate team lost to Bement 15-5, with Atticus R, Gus G, and Paloma H-S pulling in scores. The team continues to show impressive growth, especially among those members for whom the game is brand new.

On Thursday the JV Ultimate team lost to Buxton, a very talented varsity team, 11-5. The JV team was helped by the 8th graders, Charlie P and Atticus R, who both played extremely well. Claire G did a great job playing handler for the first time, and Ruby C was very effective in the stack. On defense, Everett M blocked several passes and played tight defense.