Spirit: The Human Element

Spirit: The Human Element

December 19, 2014

When I was interviewing here at The Academy, I was also considering jobs at other schools. I traveled all along the east coast meeting people and learning about their schools.¬†Every school has something unique about it, and the more of them I saw, the more their “uniqueness” began to look the same as all the rest. Then I came to The Academy and I learned what unique truly means.

So what was different here? A feeling – a spirit – in the air. I couldn’t touch it but I could feel it; I couldn’t see it but it was clearly visible. People here are connected by a great love: love of learning, love of community, and most importantly, love of one another. This element, the human element, is at the very core of The Academy and what makes us truly unique.

This week as we have prepared for and celebrated Polyglot, I have seen the spirit of The Academy in full force. People smiling, the melodious sounds of music and voice, people excited about Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Break, seeing families, and simply joyful about the camaraderie in their daily lives. We share ourselves with one another and from the sharing, we grow stronger and happier.

Whatever your religious affiliation or spirituality, I hope we can all take a moment over the break to reflect on the spirit which surrounds and embodies The Academy at Charlemont. It is larger than you or me; larger than anyone’s personal beliefs, and is the first, best reason to come to The Academy every single day.

Be well!

Dr. Brian Bloomfield
Head of School, Academy at Charlemont

Spirit: The Human Element