Network trip

Zev Lane (’20) shared some images and stories about his time at The Bush School (Seattle, WA) during spring break – an adventure made possible by The Academy’s membership in The Network of Complementary Schools (those who visit this link may notice that The Network’s website looks surprisingly familiar, as they have asked for member schools to send along photographs for their website redesign, and we appear to be one of the few who have yet to do so!).
Zev told us about staying with his host family, which included a host sister named Shira who also attends Bush, and reflected on the differences and similarities between Bush and The Academy. He also shared stories and photos from some outings that they took around Seattle, to places such as the Space Needle and the Museum of Pop Culture. In short, the community got a glimpse into the wonderful opportunity that The Network provides for our students to broaden their horizons by getting to experience a different school culture in a different corner of the country.