Math + Food = Fun at The Academy at Charlemont: Pi Day

Of Reciprocal Brownies and Pi Day (3.14, Of Course)

As Noted in the Penzey’s Spring 2014 Catalogue

The Academy at Charlemont’s very own Stephanie Purington (P11, 14) is featured, for the second time, in the latest issue of the Penzey’s catalogue.  A math teacher at The Academy since 2001, Ms. Purington is known for making math fun – from Algebra to Calculus.

She uses her recipe for Reciprocal Brownies to teach students about dividing by fractions, and makes certain that The Academy observes Pi Day on March 14 each year – with pi(e) for the whole school community.  The common theme is that with patience, effort, and good sized helpings of humor and food, math is both fun and connected to the things we encounter in our daily lives outside the classroom.

To read the article visit Penzeys’ Spring 2014 catalogue.