Classroom Close-Up

On Nov. 1, five students of Spanish (Ella D, Grayson R, Nellie B-O, Lila G, Chessie R-C)  and one of French (Amun P) joined Sra./Mme Valdez for a virtual foray to South America in a new Academy bus. The first stop was at the Ecuador Andino Store, a market with myriad products from Latin America, where the group dined on burritos and tacos, while tasting imported soft drinks. Then they were off to UMass Fine Arts Center where they listened to a talk about the Tango in Argentina and how it spread to Europe then the U.S. Ella, Lila and Chessie volunteered to learn some tango steps with current students of the dance. Finally, the group was treated to an enthralling performance of several breath-taking dances, recounting the life of Carlos Gardel, the tango maestro. It was a late night, but an informative and exhilarating one.

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