Challenge Accepted! Cupcake Challenge and Halloween Dance

In the 2nd Annual Cupcake Challenge, student teams were challenged to take a blank canvas (plain cupcakes) and create a masterpiece. Teams were given 6 plain cupcakes and a bag of identical mystery decorations. But wait, there was a twist…each team was also given a unique decoration (anything from band-aids to brussel sprouts) that was required to be visibly incorporated into their masterpieces.
Votes were cast during the Halloween Dance and the winners were announced at the following Morning Meeting. Click here to see all cupcake designs. Congratulations to all participants on a challenge well met!
The Challenge Winner
unnamed (1)
Challenge winning team I.C.K – Kayla, Izzy, and Chessie
unnamed (2)
Judge’s Award – The Pandelephants, Greta, Tess, Celeste, Hannah and Vroni
unnamed (3)
Honorable Mention – Steve Harvey by Jaromil
Gus G, the best costume winner at the Halloween dance