Sequence of Study

The Academy operates on a 16-week semester system. Most courses are yearlong, one-credit classes, though some are completed in one semester with an equivalent number of classroom hours. Because Humanities includes both English and History, students earn two credits. Half-credit courses meet for the full amount of weekly classroom hours but for only one semester. Students earn a minimum of 5 credits per year.

The following examples represent typical course enrollments for each grade, by year.  Click on course names to view a description.

 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
 English Language Arts Voices of Literature The Ancient World Global Studies American Studies

Senior Humanities

 History Geography American Government
 Science Climate Connections Earth Science

Health and the Human Body

Biology Chemistry Physics

Environmental Science

Advanced Physics

Environmental Science

 Math Pre-Algebra Algebra Geometry Algebra II Pre-Calculus




 Language Introduction to Languages Latin,
Spanish I,
or French I
Latin I,
Spanish II,
or French II
Latin II,
Spanish III,
French III
Latin III,
Spanish IV,
French IV*
 Latin IV and/or Spanish V or French V*
Fine Arts &
 Art &
Foundations in Music
Art Foundations in Art  Photography,
Practice of PaintingSound Recording
Practice of Painting,
Sound Recording
 Temp Mores,
Practice of Painting,
Sound Recording
Studio Blocks   Studio Blocks  Studio Blocks  Studio Blocks Studio Blocks Studio Blocks

*Not required, but highly recommended

Senior School Graduation Requirements

  • Four years of Humanities (interdisciplinary English and History)
  • Senior Independent Project
  • Four years of Laboratory Science
  • Four years of Mathematics
  • Four years of a modern foreign language
  • Latin I
  • Foundations in Art