Aardvark Athletics: Week of December 4

Playing their first game of the season on Wednesday, a loss to an older Stoneleigh Burnham team, the girls’ basketball team showed signs of grit and strength as a whole. They were led by Eliza B with 6 points and 10 rebounds, and Ruby C with 4 points and 4 steals. The boys’ basketball team also had their first game of the season on Wednesday, playing BART at home. BART won the game 47-16, relying on strong perimeter shooting and suffocating defense. Nathaniel B-O played nearly every minute of the game and led the team with 8 points and several steals. Amun P finished with 6 points, earning 4 of those points at the free throw line. Grayson R also scored 2 points. The team played hard, with several Aardvarks playing in their first ever full basketball game.