9th Grade Humanities Considers Plato’s Symposium

Mr. Gay’s 9th grade humanities class (nicknamed the Hu-Manatees) read Plato’s Symposium, a 4th century BCE dialogue in praise of love. Next, the students generated their question for a 9th grade symposium of their own. Their question they came up with? Is the study of the humanities necessary in the 21st century?
Students wrote their responses to this question considering the following questions:
  1. What is the origin or genealogy of the humanities?
  2. What good qualities, other than virtues, can you ascribe to the humanities?
  3. What practices contribute to the reputation of the humanities?
  4. What habits and ways of life are developed because of the humanities?
  5. What achievements can be credited to the humanities?
Next, students held a symposium of their very own! Mr. Gay provided the wine (sparkling cider), and students provided the entertainment, by way of sharing their responses to the over-arching question.