Academy Parent Council Annual Pie Sale


Please note that sales for this year’s Pie Sale have now closed. For information on late-breaking orders, please contact Nel Paul P22. 

It’s that glorious time once more! With the Ashfield Fall Festival cancelled for another season, we are again inspired to plan differently regarding this year’s APC Pie Sale. This year, the real pies are back! We are pleased to offer apple, pumpkin and chocolate cream options for your family’s Thanksgiving feast. Parent volunteers will bake to order, and distribution will be arranged by various geographic areas representing The Academy’s community. As always, funds raised by the pie sale go in to the APC’s coffers to serve as support for school programming in consultation with with Academy administrators (and suggestions from parents are always welcome!). Please complete the form below no later than November 15 to reserve your pies (note: this form is now closed)! And fear not, those certificates from last year’s pie magnet sale for obtaining real pies at the Festival will still be honored, whensoever we can return to the traditional format.