Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023 Resources

The following resources were compiled by The Academy’s 2022-2023 Environmental Science class. They are by no means extensive, but supported the compilation of their Land Acknowledgement, also included below. 


Decolonizing Curricula:

Board Games by indigenous designers:

Nolumbeka Project in Greenfield:

The Academy at Charlemont occupies land once home to the Nipmuc, Wabanaki and Pocumtuc people. We acknowledge the history that led to our occupancy of this land beginning as recently as 1743 when Charlemont was first settled by the English. We recognize the injustice done to the indigenous community particularly through colonial violence, environmental degradation, and ongoing oppression. Our institution is dedicated to fostering an environment of learning and community, and we are committed to engaging in the ongoing process of decolonization.

In order to help us move towards this goal, a committee of students and staff will meet annually to preserve the status of this Land Acknowledgement as a living document, work to keep the goals within it updated, and the information in it current. Our institution will also adopt Indigenous history as a part of our curriculum through the American history class, commission an educational art installation of local history in our school, and provide assistance to local Indigenous organizations on our annual Community Service Day.

As a community our hope is to create awareness about the importance of the indigenous history and presence in our community. We hope to educate ourselves on an accurate perspective and history of local indigenous culture. We aspire to work to build relationships with the surrounding indigenous communities and work to decolonize our establishment.