Fifth Decade Fund

Funding a 5th Decade––and beyond!––of The Academy

The Academy at Charlemont was founded in 1981 by six bold visionaries.

19239_050 (3)When the doors opened that September, the founders imagined that all students here would develop a love of learning, nurture respect for others, and have a desire for justice and a will to work for it.

To achieve this vision, The Academy would offer a body of knowledge necessary for future growth and development, and provide opportunities to acquire analytical, critical thinking, verbal and writing skills.

The staff and faculty would create an environment to sharpen perceptions and heighten awareness of and engagement with the intimate world in which we live and the complex global community of which we are a part.

Transforming Lives and Community for 40 Years


For the past 40 years, the Academy community has been fully committed to this vision, and has endeavored to ensure that such an exceptional educational experience remains accessible to all. We find ourselves in a unique moment as some of the values that we hold most dear–sustainability, social justice, equity, access, and inclusion, as well as a profound appreciation for the foundational elements of a sound education including art, music and athletics–are rising to prominence in the national conversation.

“The Academy changed my life for the better. The skills I learned and the qualities I gained while there gave me a foundation to build upon for the rest of my life. I learned the value of reason, the importance of being able to change one’s mind when proven wrong, personal responsibility, and also the responsibility we have to others. In short, it gave me the tools I needed to become the best possible version of myself at every stage of my life. I named The Academy as a beneficiary in my will because I want others to have that same opportunity.”
-Anonymous Member of the Class of 199X

Our fifth decade will bring new opportunities and new challenges.

IMG_1831As we recently dipped our toes in the water of remote learning, the appreciation for the in-person experience at The Academy came into sharper focus. Our small class sizes and structure
encourage independent research and projects, and allow time for one-on-one meetings between students and faculty. Our students are encouraged to follow their own interests deeply, engaging in topics across disciplines. While we remain fully committed to dedicating resources to the characteristics that distinguish The Academy, we find that the financial needs of the families in our community are greater than ever, with more than 75% of our families receiving historic amounts of aid.

Our Fifth Decade Fund will:

19239_011 (1)

  • Ensure that we have the resources to meet the financial aid needs of our students as we establish a foundation of long-term support through our annual financial aid fund and the creation of an endowed fund to support scholarship aid.
  • Cement our commitment to socio-economic, racial and gender diversity through dedicating scholarship aid to students from historically marginalized groups.
  • Strengthen the Charlemont Legacy Society to inspire legacy giving to sustain The Academy in perpetuity.

We need you! In our 40th anniversary year, your support of the Fifth Decade fund is vital. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000. To reach this ambitious goal, we need your help.

Please consider:

      • Giving to the 2022 Annual Fund in order to bolster student financial aid, maintenance of our facilities, and support of our outstanding faculty and 19239_071staff.
      • Making a restricted gift to the Fifth Decade Endowed Fund, which we expect will grow with each fiscal year.
      • Including The Academy in your estate plans by joining the Charlemont Legacy Society, ensuring the long term support of our school.

Please join us in securing the future of The Academy for decades to come. Make your gift today.

If you’re interested in committing some portion of your gift toward the Fifth Decade Endowed Fund, please reach out to us at