Beyond the Classroom

A Progressive Environment: A Six-Year Internship in Public Life

Our educational values are classical values, but our vision for what constitutes a healthy school environment is a progressive one.  Among other things, progressive education emphasizes active learning through direct experience. We believe, as did John Dewey, that there is value to students’ learning about democracy by governing their schools and themselves, in addition to studying the Constitution. Academy students have many concrete experiences that help them understand what it means to be a citizen: doing chores, living with the Honor Code, participating in school meetings, attending an annual Model United Nations Conference, volunteering to organize an event, playing on a team, acting in a play, serving as a council member, working in the kitchen, serving others in our communities. Being a student at The Academy is like having a six-year internship in public life.

The Academy invests in institutional relationships and supports programs that allow our students to learn by exploring the world. Our students can host an international student through our partnership with various exchange agencies. The possibilities are limited only by each individual’s willingness to adventure and grow.