An Academy Education

Classical education in its purest historical sense implies a balance among academic disciplines, and between all aspects of learning: intellectual, artistic, and athletic.

Today at The Academy we continue to value the classical tradition, as did the six visionaries who founded the school in 1981.

In our nurturing environment, you’ll be inspired by the passions of a talented faculty as well as by the interests of your peers.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask and answer critical questions about science and math, literature and history, world culture and religions, current events and contemporary ideas.  You’ll play music, sing, act, create art of all kinds, and participate in sports.  You’ll make lifelong friends with students from all over our region and the world.  At The Academy, you’ll be a part of a compassionate community which feels like an extended family.

A student in classical Rome or in a medieval European university might read Caesar and Sophocles with more ease, but he would also have to acknowledge that his curriculum and The Academy’s curriculum emphasize the same elements: intellectual discipline, precision in language and thought, and a deeply felt delight in learning for its own sake.

Your education at The Academy moves beyond books and labs, however.  All of our students participate in our arts and sports programs because a well-rounded person is someone who can throw a pot as well as a lacrosse ball, someone who can use the quadratic formula and formulate an argument, someone who can appreciate the art on the walls and sing on key.

At The Academy, as in ancient Greece and Rome, arts, music, and athletics are viewed as integral, rather than incidental, to one’s education. The ancients built theaters, adorned their streets with public art, and celebrated athletic prowess. Academy students make art, make music, and play sports every day; these activities are integrated into the schedule and are accessible without “try-outs” or cuts.

A middle and high school education at The Academy will give you a challenging and stimulating background, encourage you to stretch to master new pursuits, prepare you to become a lifelong learner and a productive citizen, and nurture your individuality.  At The Academy at Charlemont, you’ll be supported to find your voice and speak your mind.