Strategic Plan

The purpose of this strategic plan is to move The Academy at Charlemont toward a more vibrant future.  In many ways the plan maps out a specific course towards change based on extensive surveys, conversations, and research.  In many other ways it seeks to institutionalize the best elements and practices of the school.

As it only covers a three-year period, it is meant to serve as a bridge for a longer range plan of ten to fifteen years to be developed as these goals are realized.

It is important to note that over the past thirty-three years, similar thinking and planning has been done, allowing the school to evolve in essential ways.  It is our hope that this plan will be available to a wide range of people.  Then, by considering and owning its proposals, The Academy community can work together to sustain and ensure a remarkable education for generations to come.

To view our strategic plan in full, please click here.