Walking the Talk for Racial Justice Youth Conference

May 20, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


The Academy at Charlemont and Greenfield Community College presents

Walking the Talk for Racial Justice Youth Conference
A Day of Discussion & Action for Middle and High Schoolers

Many members of the western Massachusetts community pride themselves on living in a place that represents social cohesion and progressive ideals. As comforting as this vision may seem, how frequently are white community members checking their assumptions about the ideals of western MA against the real lived experiences of their neighbors of color? It is vital that white citizens of this area actively do the work to actually bring this equitable vision to fruition, and that we begin to do so by grappling with our racism and its impact on the very lives of our neighbors of color. The “Walking the Talk for Racial Justice” conference aims to mobilize all young people to create more inclusive communities. In a collaborative space of academics and anti-racism activists, participants will have the opportunity to discover their own role in creating a racially equitable society. The conference organizers believe that young people, who have inherited a system of white supremacy, must take collective action to dismantle it. It is imperative that young people create a future which actualizes this area’s values of freedom and opportunity for everyone.

The “Walking the Talk for Racial Justice” conference strives to provide participants with the resources that they need to pursue that work.

Breakout sessions will explore issues of concern including (but not limited to):

  • mass incarceration/prison industrial complex,
  • the militarization of the police force,
  • white privilege/implicit bias,
  • islamophobia,
  • systemic racism.

With keynote speaker Anika Nailah, cultural liberationist, spoken word artist, and the founder and former director of Books Of Hope, a Boston-based, youth literacy program, plus two breakout sessions each in the morning and afternoon, this day-long conference promises spirited conversation and greater awareness of issues and actions. 

Saturday, May 20
GCC Main Campus, Greenfield
Dining Commons
Free to attend, donations accepted

Keynote Speaker: Anika Nailah